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Some watch the rich,
some watch the famous,
some the daring
and some watch people in love,
then they wish they were blessed,
as they were,
never do they see the world around,
the sun,the stars,
never do they see within,
the heart,the thirst,
never do they ask themselves,
there are no blessed souls,
just souls with their voice echoed and listened in the hearts,
souls which are alive
and have seen everything
which we failed to see.

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Death of a Soul

Scriptures have said it long ago,
sages believe it’s divinely right,
the body dies when it’s time,
but the soul never dies.

It wanders the deepest valleys,
It wanders the mountains wide,
It searches for solace everywhere,
like it’s only birthright,

After searches made across galaxies,
with no solace found,
It reaches the almighty one day,
with no pride and no sound.

The almighty asks all the souls
a single question every time,
Did you lived with the body?
Did the body ever found a peace of mind?

Soul said it didn’t live,
It was dying all the time,
Because the body never listened  to the heart,but only to the mind.

a thousand dreams were unheard,
of the heart and soul,
one gave up with the body,
one now dies with nowhere to roam.

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All bodies await,
the burning over pyre,
the cycle will go on,
till there is desire,

Amidst the flame and fire,
lives turn to ashes,
the material body is an illusion,
soul is freed in flashes,

The path of life,
ends here,
and new paths unravel,
it is a mystery indeed,
for which the soul travels.