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Being Truly Alone.


My Love,
You have never been alone,
Sitting in an empty house
watching the rain shouldn’t make
you lonely, It should make you complete.

I remember the painter
who waited all evening
for people to visit his gallery.
No one did.
He closed the lights and shutter
He was truly alone.

I remember the singer
who played this afternoon in the
bar I was drinking.
No Damned Soul was listening to him
still, he played his best.
He was truly alone.

I remember the gentle foreigner
who drank beer at the table next to me.
At the very end, out of blur
he gave up and sought a corner
to call someone. He might have talked
for half an hour.
He was truly alone.

While I read the book,
sipped beer and wrote this poem.
yes, I was truly alone.



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