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Poem + Food

Hot Coffee with chocolate,
a packet of chips,
screw the diet plan,
ignorance is the bliss,

writing is easy,
with food around,
I think better when,
my stomach is sound,

chocolates and cakes,
truffles and shakes,
I now wonder why,
GRRM has such a good waist,
(George R.R.Martin,Writer, A Song of Ice and Fire)

with so much eating,
and keyboard on fire,
i feel the urge to sleep,
my utmost desire,

stuffed till the neck,
with food and love,
the heart sings a rhythm,
so melodious,

as I pass to my dreamy world,
I see words dancing,
all-seeing me at once,
like cute puppies glancing,

I pick the one, whose rhythm matches my heart,
the writing isn’t over,it’s about to start,
as soon as I wake up, keyboard’s again on fire
with words all over from the dreamy world supplier,


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