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Flowers on Fire

The subways are empty
at the dead of the night.
Their exits recoil themselves
in the ashes of the ashes.

I whiff a pure smoke of a forgotten memory
and let it breed within my substructured brain.

A graveyard of cigarettes greets my shoes.
The lights go hazy as the winds turn warmer.
Another dull night has been devoured today,
with the help of a fifth of liquid courage.

Darkness needs darkness.
Its an immortal curse,
an undying thirst.
It travels with an agonizing silence
from the corpse of an empty bottle
to my eyes, staring an abyss

I wanted to curse everyone
with my eyes, while slitting their throats
by my tongue.

But I reach home dejected
whirling myself into an abyss
of nothingness.

I try the usual grind,
to type something beautiful,
but the words have escaped my prison ago.
I need a new remorse, to vomit a new grief.

So I set the whole garden on fire
and wait.

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And who do you become?
by swallowing a light deciphered
through a stained glass,
For its crystals are lattices of memory,
that have caressed your ghostly voiceless passages.
It breaks in an afternoon, you never noticed ,
The memory vaporizes
and before you know, it smells as if
someone remembers you in a time you forgot.

Do you become a ghost, savoured by unfiltered light, blinded to the earth by a touch that warms?
Is this how they mix, fear and nostalgia
to a heart that is child to its own and aloof of its lineage?

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Come have a peek,
these doors of the heart
don’t open by themselves.

Mind the rust,
for some thoughts died quickly
oxidized by the stinking air
of negativity.
They never passed through the heart.

Mind the accumulated dust,
for some thoughts entered and suffocated,
sadly turned to ashes
without even tasting the blood.
Their resurrection is impending.

Mind the mystic music,
for it heals and unifies a few chosen thoughts,
here they mate and produce the progeny of an image,
which I paint with my palette of words.

Mind the warm divine river.
On its bank, I stand and paint the image,
with the air caressing my hair and
the wet grass below my feet.

The Confluence of above all,
is what you are reading,
is what I offer everyday
to the gods and mortals
who I meet in the path
of my destiny.


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Taste the Light


With every dream
of those strange colored icicles
and those unimaginable caves.

From the survivals and fallouts
from those painfully realistic

and the drowning of the entire
sub-structure of it, in the whole of rum,
to rage against the dying night.

We have flooded the brain,
indebting it of our memories.

it is a sky now, so full of fireworks
it seems like floating nebula of dust and light.

Don’t let it suffocate.
Don’t let a genocide kill what you imagine.

Write and let the light taste the paper.
like it should.


*Rage against the dying night taken from Dylan Thomas’s Poem of the same name*


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Northern Lights

Couple watching the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), Reykjavik, Iceland

Come here,
Sit next to me,
Don’t leave me tonight.

Watch, as the emeralds melt
in the turquoise colored sky
and the winds of winter
dry the sky’s wounds
through mellow howlings.

This cold is neither bright or dark.
like our love, it is mysterious and tasteless.

Come raise a glass of wine to our love,
let it spill and purify the snow.

Let it drown us, till we become reflections,
aligning perfectly in infinite dusted mirrors.

Don’t leave me tonight,
Come here,
Sit next to me.

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Quote Challenge – Day 1

Thanks BookGirl  – https://literatureandstuff.wordpress.com/, for nominating me for the Quote Challenge, Do Visit her blog. I would be posting quotes and nominating people.

  • 3 quotes each day
  • 3 nominees to be nominated (no repetition!)
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Inform the nominees

My Quotes for the Day are

Life Breaks Everyone, Some are strong at broken places
Ernest Hemingway

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer
.                                                                                                                                                              – Albert Camus

Life is filigree work. What is written clearly is not worth much, it’s the transparency that counts.

My Nominations for Today are – .

1.  Louise – https://fantasyraconteur.wordpress.com/
2.  Ragha – https://raghaashblog.wordpress.com/
3.  Zach – https://zachsmith98.wordpress.com/