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Rotten Bones and Displaced Heart

There is no shame in choking the uneasiness
out of one’s sleep.

My larynx melts
when it is this dark.
The neck dissolves itself,
into a pool of subtle cold regrets

Silence drapes my bones
in a shroud of voiceless memories
rotting them, turning them
into the color of a fragile copper abandoned
in an unnamed graveyard.

It is basically a practice of perfection,
to death: the permanent sleep,
the unanswered question stabs
the unasked answer,
The god with no eyes and a displaced heart
just sighs.

Shashank Bhardwaj

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Time for Awards

It was a good weekend, It just got better now with awards nominations. 😁

Thanks Soumi for Leibster and Sunshine Award Nomination,She is a terrific natural writer and please do visit her blog.

Awards are indications of faith on you,so I would now have to live up to the expectation of people who believe i deserve this award. Will try my best.

11 Facts about me:

1. I sleep very less, about 6 hours at maximum in a day and I am perfectly okie with it.

2. I like to read aspiring autobiographies whenever i am feeling low.

3.I somehow want to master the art of sarcasm,with witty one liners..True Fact.

4.I am very punctual in what I do,sometimes I don’t like being waited at all.

5. I mostly prefer flash fiction writing. I think a random topic and just write

6.I like being alone and travel alone,exploring new places. I maintain a journal of them.

7.In order to improve my reading speed over pending books,I visit book shops to see the new books I want to buy and read.

8.I like History and Wars

9. I have a cravings for White shirt and Tan shoes

10.If you want to make up with me in a deal gone bad..a brilliant book and chocolate would suffice.

11.I wish Tolkien,Hemingway were alive and writing wonders.

Now the questions i am supposed to answer. Shoot’em all :-

1. Why Blogging? How did you land up here?

I used to write in my diary,also called my “Black Book of Magic.” Some of my friends went through them and suggested me for a blog. I gave it a shot.

2. What is the brightest and darkest moments of your life?

Brightest moment for me is a remembrance by someone whom I care about. The world is full of billion people and finding a single person remembering and caring for you is worth the light.

I don’t believe in remembering dark moments.

3. What is the one weakness you have, you are unable to remove from your life?

I am not a very good Orator. I do get stage frights. I would like to work on them.

4. What are your dreams for next five year?

To be a Writer. Period.

5. Who has been the most influential blogger you follow and why?

Blair King. I like the way he writes on so so many topics.

6. Are you religious and/or superstitious? What are your beliefs?

I believe in a universal creator of Earth and Life. Nothing Else.

7. What is your favourite sport? If no sports, what do you like as your favourite hobby?

I love playing football,whenever I get time.

8. What is the importance of education as per you?

An Educated person has power to teach millions and start a new life any time. This is what can a good education only can do to a person.

9. What is love according to you? Is there anything like eternal love?

Love is when I see my mother happy when I smile.Yeah it is eternal

10. How is your relationship with your family and friends?

I am close to them and they are to me. I maintain a jolly nature with them and sometimes i am the wicked prankster.


1) Knot in Thoughts.
2) awordseeker

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