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If you had only one option
a bullet to the head
or one to the heart
which one you would choose?
assume you won’t succumb
the one to the head will be quick
but would make you insane,
the heart would rage and take over body
nightmare will be full of emotions
and the one to heart,
would make you a living corpse
with no feelings.
Like a puppet dancing on a tune.
hymned far in the darkness
What would you do?
Would you succumb to Chaos?
or die waiting for one?

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Up in Air Friend


How I miss being held in hands
and being carried every place

How I miss being grabbed and kissed
and getting chosen every time

How I miss the laughter I hear
and fights they have for me

Yet I depart alone untouched
with no one helping me

I will drift away far from love
far from you all

Without a aim to the blues
to the heavens above

I wonder is that how you all people meet your end
I wish we will meet somewhere up
like a lost filled up friend.


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I see loads of people
crammed in places where one can’t breathe
full of music promised to drive away your demons
just to wash away the dirt of the week that slipped
and they eventually try
to live one night
just to survive the days coming
We are all in this whirlpool
of never ending desire
to lose ourselves
in people we don’t know
things we don’t care of
Ask me, How your nights are?
I would say restless
busy searching myself inside
and scared , if successful.

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Her Body is a shrouded mystery
and me the hungry traveller
won’t stop kissing and dissolving
in her.
Till such mysteries unravel
from lips to neck
navel to hips
and tits to lips again
I see myself getting lost
this isn’t a travel now
Its a trippy journey
tripping me with love and still mysteries float.
Why wonder?
Lets Unravel.

© Shashank Bhardwaj.

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Until she drives you to madness,
makes you cry,

Until you make sure that you haunt her in dreams,

Until you both act like two hungry wolves waiting for each other

and until everything about her
intoxicates you in midst of day

Then it’s Love
else it’s just Bullshit.

© Shashank Bhardwaj.