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The Bat

87627943A bat was never destined for caves,
nor the ugliness that it enslaves,
something drove him down there,
where he lives in unfathomable darkness,

Once the bat was lonely and cold,
nobody liked him,for looks he bore,
so he asked the almighty for colourful feathers,
to hide his ugliness in the beautiful weather,
all the birds donated a pair for him,
till the colours made him free of his sins,
he gleamed with pride
and flew deep in the blue sky,
like a rainbow in a blue tide,
this happened day after day,
till his loneliness became,
a mean display,
disgraced the birds asked the almighty,
to stop this mess at once,
at all,
God asked the bat to show his feathers,
and he flew once again,
in the colourful weather,
one by one the feathers came off,
all everyone saw and just scoffed,
ashamed and repent,
he cried all day,
and went to the deepest caves that night,
now he comes out,
only to search for the feathers,
lost throughout that weather,
and when it’s time for sun to rise,
the bat comes inside,
till darkness arises,
only to hide.


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