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Red lights devour the earthly silence,
crushed bits of half scribbled lyrics
lie all over the floor consumed by the unseen darkness.

the smell of the warm untouched beer disappears
as I hear someone scream with an agony and a common distaste
for this sinking society, for wars, for people,
on my speakers.

It is a gift sometimes
when after a shitty tiring day
you don’t have to scream your lungs
out, you don’t have to thrash things,
you don’t have to think of death:
someone records and does it for you.
You just have to listen.

I believe there is no god,
just a few men and women
who show us the death, without the fear
tickling our spine through their dark
melodies and works.

I live another new day,
I hide another terrible scream,
I switch to the next song.
I am a Metal-Head.



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Old Strings

Old Strings of Guitar
Nights of Jamming Sessions,
hours spent on writing songs
a million in rehearsing them
and an eternity in waiting
for them to be reality,
to be heard,
and repeated,

and a day comes
when all the strings
and sessions,
create something that
transcends people of all kind,
no matter what religion,race,
or country
we all come together to hymn
it in a starry night.


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Why I Love “The Black Keys”

When i first heard the band name , “The Black Keys” , it gave me a feeling of Jazz and old Blues, I thought that this band would comprise people jamming their way through dark lit rooms with cigars and black hats everywhere, I first saw their music video,’ Tighten Up‘ on MTV and it hit me like anything, they descended like aura of musicians mixing pots curry of Indie Rock and Garage Rock .


The lead singer, Dan Auerbach is a rugged example of garage raised indie rock rebel infused with American Macho instincts in him,but when he starts in the “Little Black Submarine” he takes people to memoirs of Led Zepplin in their peak days. His beard and guitar both are a part of this manifested body.


Patrick Carney on the drums, gave me a feeling of an unusually tall man lost in a concert, took the drums set by mistake,but when he plays he shadows all the doubts of people around him. He without a doubt was a social outcast during his school days till he start working with Dan in this project.

Their infusion of this music is highly addiction. Their notable songs that have changed my music taste me include –


1. Tighten Up
2. Lonely Boy
3. Little Black Submarines
4. Weight of Love
5. Howling for You

Looking forward to their work and their new pursuits of creating better music for the world.