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They mock the frivolity,
every bit of it that is left
inside each of us
just to make us look mature,
seldom do they know,
this frivolity needs mature minds
to understand and be contained,
It is never easy to neglect the kid inside,
you need a heart to let it play
and a mind to let it sleep.

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Sitting in a coffee shop,
with a beautiful book to read,
seeing the raindrops falling,
all over the leaves,

through the fogged mirror,
something catches my attention,
a little girl rushes in the rain,
with such utter excitement,

she sits at the pavements,
and sails the paper boat,
that glides over the rain tide,
with no one aboard,

the girl sees the boat,
till it’s out of sight,
sighed a beautiful prayer,
with all faith in her might,

and I sit and wonder,
where did we fall apart?,
turning the pages of books,
is that what we really are?

she saw me sitting inside,
signaled me to join,
I learned the paper-boat again,
indeed it sailed pretty fine.