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The Girl with the Ouija Board

Dark sinister whisperings
rouse my soul up,
‘Every Tongue has a demon
buried within its veins, for
it gives birth to thirst,
lust and blood.’
She told me before sleeping,

Archaic hymns, butchered lemons
drowned in vinegar, disappeared behind
a mist of lavender smelling candles,
apexed at pentagram made of saffron

I feel her curves turn cold,
the lips turn ominously black,
‘Eyes are windows to this world,
darkness is the passage to all other’
she keeps murmuring,holding my hand
till it is not she anymore.

I could sense it the way my hands are touched,
the way she removes her clothes then
and the way she kisses.
She never told her of her fetishes
and now I can’t even ask.

© Shashank Bhardwaj

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Every drag,
murders the symphony of silence.
I whiff off its ashes and turn this water
in the glass into a fluid cemetery.
The river of disgust now drowns my rage.
I throw it off in the sink and then whisk down the warm beer.

Turning off the lights, I wondered
how many more cigarettes do I need today
to burn this fucking world down.

© SB.

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A memory of your smell :
an enslavement, so clandestine.
It tunes my arteries to sing,
like the waves sing,
for purposes unknown.

I ebb away ,from this nonchalant madness
and turn into a moon-kissed star dust
wishing there were no sun or stars,

Cause I now abhor the lick of light.
It separates us unknowingly.
How come I still dream of you again?

At what cost?
At what price?

© Shashank Bhardwaj

beauty, creative-writing, Death, dream, Fiction & Poetry, Life, Love, Poems, poetry


A sky sculpted of silence,
At behest of a voiceless cry,
Somebody awaits my hymns again.

My tongue swirls itself :
A snake bathing in the burning blood.

The same nightmare again,
Where my veins smell of dead flowers.

The eyes turn into a vehement dark pond.
A feast of wingless ravens, slowly eating themselves to death :
My heart wasn’t that useful anyways.

Come close today , Stay.
Taste this macabre of my lips.

© Shashank Bhardwaj

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Taste of Gold

This Dusk, with its violet lips
slithers in from the windows

It rescues my reclused face
with a knife made up of light
and cold bones:
The eyes are dissolved
in a jar of warm red blood.
to cleanse any memory
of unwanted colours.

I remember when you left, that afternoon
like a rainbow disappears in the untouched mist.
I have been filleting that image
with my nails, now worn out.

But all I get is the taste of bitter gold,
over my tongue and dreams of red autumn
in my sleep.


© Shashank Bhardwaj

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The black coat drenches,
The drizzle traces my hidden skin,
For it is so tired
of caressing the lifeless muddy grounds.

It has learned to leave my eyes untouched.
It has been practicing this for long.
His own Kamikaze,
Where it slithers on a body
full of life,
and separate lifelessly, into a bright void

Reincarnations? Nirvana?
Does it even feel like tasting them?
Just an inexplicable bursting orgasm,
that bursts its body into a million pieces.

Yeah, suck on that!
You all Religious Dickheads.

© Shashank Bhardwaj

Death, dream, Fiction & Poetry, fiction and poetry, Life, Love, Poems, Poetry

Forget your Touch

I swallow a room in my mind,
to digest its origins.
Its woodwork churns and mollifies,
I could feel my fingers full of sawdust and laughter,
lost handprints(possibly mine), from the dying
furniture and the floor caress my head.

You will always find a way to meet yourself,
once you are forgotten by everyone.

The lights are turning dim,
I do not know, how to serve light in a tall glass for myself?
Can you teach my fist to hold sands of darkness?
I shall learn somehow, to sprinkle when necessary.

You can learn anything, you want.
But remember to put off the light in the end.

The garden screams with its emptiness,
and my eyes could bear the shrieks.
Is this is how I forget your touch?
Without music? Without sleep?

© Shashank Bhardwaj