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To write about you,
is to write about me,
my heart is so shared with you,
like this weather of summer
discomforting but teasing.

I wake up everyday and wait,
for your messages
despite the time difference that separates us:
This distance is a number,
I tell my dilapidated eyes.
My vocal cord disagrees counting them.

Your brown cat eyes, full of distant memories pulls me up
in our cloudy sunshine,
what else do I want, than be next to you
somehow, somewhere.

To read some books, sip some lemonade.
|not because a million other people feel the same
but because you picked me up sometime,
somehow like a rare book in a bookstore, without a pause.
I was readable somehow.
I was interesting.

I have to be a collectible,
the one you take with you,
to sleep in those cold, gloomy afternoons.

Again and again and again,}
till you forget about your library.



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