fiction and poetry

Application of Rejection

I submit and resubmit, wait in a queue with my eyes closed, the winter creeps in, slowing the process, the drink caves in , slowing the process , services are still affected , the heart still awaits a resolution, its not a ‘it happens’ or ‘shall stop’ anymore. It is a flood of memories I guess that I am trying to stop by drowning, the oxygen shall deplete to unacceptable values one day or the other, it shall fuse the long winter in me soon. Help me, as nobody can , the rejection is a sweet pain to understand. 8 dreams gone by, a lot in the queue. My heart turned to an office of government, overthrow it now for once. Contact the department of dreams , submit an application of overflowing dreams . Let me know if someone did and was happy in the end, without being summoned by the department of love.


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