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Curled and straight
You devoured the night
And teased it with your tongue
Till it grew on your hair
Curved and straight
The eyes glow as dark candles
In a blistering storm
When they shine.

The lips are colorless
Hiding every sign of touch
The collarbone disappears within grey
But the neck tempts by a glimpse.
and so does the clevage and insides
My eyes could wander and imagine
But would you read it?

The soft warm sponges of flesh
And their pink tips, are a thing of heaven
For they give the same pleasure.
Move below to the thin soft navel.
A hole of temptation, that makes her whisper
Softly when touched.

The red leggings are perfectly tight
Not an inch wasted, not an inch earned.
To give the legs a perfect shape,
While the red panties hold every beauty inside
Soft n firm.
I could slip my tongue from lips and reach there.
But i know u would like it slow
Its time to be patient then.

Calloused black hair, burned with fire
With eyes like melted ashes
lips pink melting river of desire
Emabled flesh of neck sculpted and traced
On a collarbone smooth as silk
The neck is fairest of all
A slide of tips through it
and you can feel the deep clevage
moving softly to warm firm breasts.
A slip of zip from behind and
Everything would turn soft.
Even your hands which are caressing slowly.

© Shashank Bhardwaj


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