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Its dark and damp,
The voices disappear in this hall,
The sound of us will never echo,
so we take advantage of this loneliness,
as the way it should be taken,
My hands slowly start touching your lips
in the darkness as you close your eyes,
The trace the neck, the firm cleavage in the tank top going all the way below to your short skirt,
I am just brewing your thighs slowly,
Till you shed the shyness
Kiss my lips
And spread your legs, as I wanted.

Our lips meet in the darkness,
Trying to make the slightest of the sound,
I feel your tongue slowly licking mine,
You take my hand to your tank top where I press the breasts slowly and fill the comfortable bra.
We keep going on touchy in the dark
Feeling your nipples, your clevage and kissing you on the back,
The recliner helps, doesn’t it?


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