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The Smell of Hunger

I lit my sins,
with uneven puffs.

This four legged famished beauty,
Whimpers at my arrival.

The cost of redemption for tonight,
is just a Parle-G costing 5.

His dusted eyes chews my innocence,
I tremble with an alcohol choked breath

I search for my wallet :
While my inherent identity made of coins gets molested by a bark from stomach.

His nose has evolved a knack for sniffing the midnight deluded from the crowd
He savors the feast of the road while his tail wags.

My sins eviscerate in every dreams I have.
But I had fed a dog, Couldn’t it be better?

Than smelling his hunger and seeing him disappear
I have become, what I have always feared.

A god who sends rain
and drowns those get too close.

© Shashank Bhardwaj


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