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Developing a Distaste

It is easier to develop a distaste
for it lingers even when the tongue goes dry.

But it is way harder to swallow it,
once it develops.

Look around for God sake,
This torrid heat was enough
to rip our faces off,
into unsolvable remains.

It should have been enough
to scream with no eyes, towards the blistering light
while seeking redemption from a homeless god.

The cities were still swirling;
like Gorgeous Prima Ballerinas,
banking their toes,blindfolded.
Waiting for a thunderous applause
from its inhabitants:
Like a disease seeking a moving eulogy
from a terminal patient.

We still clung to our little lies,
sleeping soundly in the brisk false air,
ignoring the heat, people
and mirrors

and calling it a day.



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