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In the Rain

Have I told you lately?
Of how I trace your scent
every time it rains violently.

This very ground trembles today.
nonchalant to our unending sighs.
We were the two inescapable shadows,
now we drift away from each other
into an incomprehensible darkness

On this edge of dissolution,
a mere push of time.
dissolves us as intangible memories
This air, drenched in regret
wraps us in a blanket of past,
to let us abandon our beginnings.
as a feast for this immortal rain.

Our hands caress the untouched remains
We forget the skies and the cold water
trickling down our backs.
In a blink, we finally become
the smell of the earth,
after the rain, that is always full of love,
but no one knows why.


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