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A Session of Smoke and Ale.

The fire burns
the ashes burns
the head goes in for a spin
to a vortex which sheds reality.

I seek a cold ale
to subvert the dimensions
to escape from its wretched walls
of nothingness.

In a land of smoke,
I seek feathers,
rather than satiable grounds
cause I have been there,
my history in way of your memory.

A rain of ale
A rain of memories
A rain of wishes undone
A rain of regrets regretted.

Help me, with everything you can.
If you can,
If you all can,

Our dominion is doomed,
but the night is ours,
the shadows are ours.
We were ours

Now we are for them,
we were,
Why didn’t we realize?

© Shashank Bhardwaj




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