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Let Us

So it all boils down,
to our bare fleshes.
Wrapped in perfumed laced satin,we are
discovering the ends
of each other
both physically and sensually.

Your kisses on lips
don’t work anymore.
They are now mere consolations,
bad-tempered invitations,
to my tongue, that has a developed a taste
for what lies between your legs.

Don’t push me now, to unhook you,
It’s a Pandora’s box, I tell
that leads us to an untamed copulation,
for your nipples still remember the taste of my flesh feasting on them,
as they poked my skin
without any reverence whatsoever.

Let us be done tonight,
in this uncontrollable darkness,
over this decaying wall
as I push inside you from behind,
and you ask your curves to give in.

It’s a beginning,
of building a moment that lasts an eternity in a few minutes,
yet it survives.
so let me thrust it in, take my hands to your
tamed bosoms, which are dying to be defeated to by touch, forgotten long ago.

We are all slaves tonight
to our desires
refusing to oblige.
Let us keep it that way.

© Shashank Bhardwaj


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