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Untitled Dreams


It is like soaking your feet
in an ocean’s wave
embracing the temporary belonging
of the cold water, tingling your toes.

You wish today, it rains now,
so you can forget about the waves and lie down
to dissolve in the sand grain by grain.

It should end the voices for some time.
Just a few raindrops now, A sound of a stream
slithering your skin , turning into a mute spectator of touch.

There is no need for caskets or pyres.
You are now in the womb of earth,
It’s the beginning of an end,
an end to all the beginnings.

You shall be everywhere:
in the crashes of waves,
in the sound of the rain,
in the howling of the winds,
and in the stars
that went astray while you were searching for me.

© Shashank Bhardwaj


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