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In Warmth

With your laced clothing,
you resplend an aura
that smells of lust and raging whiskey,

the ice fed hands trace your fragile
and sensitive breasts, as you unhook your bra.
With my warm tongue, I lick the chocolate over your pointed nipples.
You caress your fingers with the water between your legs.

I tear away your black panties,
and I am sure you wished for the sooner of it.
I come inside you, inside us
as we tremble as terrified horses
riding in the storm, embracing and feasting
on one another.

Your hips turn warm,
The legs go tired,
we climax in each other arms
and wait to begin again,
in the sunlight, we escaped from.


2 thoughts on “In Warmth

  1. thepoetshadow says:

    an accompanying piece to this piece:

    the oils of infatuation
    rise to destroy the expectation
    that the pieces I have surrendered
    through dissipation
    are artifacts of inspiration
    those black panties.
    damn it girl.

    Thank you for the inspiration
    ~The poet shadow

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