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A shadow that hides.


I am sloshed,
barely walking,
This warm air makes me dizzy,
“A-12″,”A-12”, I keep repeating
to avoid being the uninvited drunk poet
in the wrong hall.

It is time
I settle down on a chair
four rows are empty in front of me.
I curse the whirlings
and the whooshes
and the random fucking noises
in my head:
The Bubbly(Beer) shall drown all of you tonight.
Just wait.
I am death, I shall show you.

They announce, the best five poems.
I do not remember anything after that.
The Beer certainly helped.

An abnormal life
turned to 5 repeated deaths sentences.
I hold a friendly grin and
leap onto the burning ground.

I lit a cigarette
and think of reading
more of Celine.
My shadow hides a little more today,
I can’t blame him.

That crazy French doctor who wrote sometimes
was right:

The Beginning of Genius
is being scared shitless

Is the Bar still open? , I think.

Damn! I again forgot to ask,
When to submit next.

– Shashank Bhardwaj



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