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The Ruined Cathedrals – Haibun


Desolation is a pause on a meaningless journey to a possible peace. It snowed all night.The cathedral crumbles slowly; seeking warmth in its inevitable destruction.The Priests and Pagans watch from their windows while sipping fine single-malt whiskey. Gods and Satan have come to a truce of ignorance. The Faith sublimates in the wreckage. Some still wait for the Cross to glow, for the Christ to be Born, for gifts to be distributed.Our foolish hopes spiral down to our convoluted existence. A dog dies in the snow. He didn’t bark much. He made peace with it. Did he believe in Gods? I have some whiskey left. Shall we make some peace before the sky crumbles.

fresh snow, fresh corpses
faith is a drink for the poor
the rich, prefer blood.

© Shashank Bhardwaj

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