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Unnoticed Bridges – Haibun


Voyages set sail for an unfaltering feast of loneliness, everyone is alone and together at the same time on the ship of rust. The amicable hues of humanity are inexorable to survive as the waves turn black taking the ghastly shape of hidden Krakens. A gust of salty wind caresses the hairs of the captain who fears nothing for he is the child of the sea, some say he was born in its warm belly just to be abandoned on the shores. It is one of those few nights when the moon is no longer an instrument of love. A little light sometimes bridges the gap between sanity and death but we often do not notice this.

dark tempting waves hide
behind salty winds of fear,
come out now, die young.



A Haibun is a Tradional Japanese Poetry containing a prose and a haiku. There can be more than one prose and haiku.


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