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Peace of Mind

lying on a hammock
in the woods nearby the fireplace.
with a book in my hand
and a dog in the lap.

I decide to look up
at the bluish adobe of gods
which meets
the cataclysmic vegetation
of the sky touching trees.

I sigh a faint prayer,
for it all makes sense now.

I see our treaded existences
floating in the cosmic river
destined to confluence in the sea of divinity.

this raging mind,
the irresistible heart,
and this thirst driven soul
are calmed in the warm
belly of this mystic sea.

We shall be reborn again
as children with a pure heart and soul
on a land far away from shores of reality
where materialism ceased to exist
and peace of mind is felt
even in the markings of the tiny steps
we leave behind.


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