Poems, Poetry


There are times when we fail to hear to our heart, We lead the obvious easy way. This slips us to a state of oblivion. An Oblivion of not knowing onself, which is rarest of terrors one has to face.

of places where the heart hasn’t travelled,
of places where it feels wanderlust,
there are places that are still unknown to you,
because you did not know yourself as such,

of things which the heart wanted to do,
of things which it called passion,
some lie in the dust now,
because you lead the heart to such aberration,

of people whom the heart loved,
of people without it coudn’t beat,
they all flew away somewhere away,
because of the promises you coudn’t keep.

of times have come,of times have gone,
weather dosen’t changes all of a sudden,
always remember to peek into your heart,
before falling to oblivion.


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