The Armies of Peace


They fought with their heads high all night and day,
trembling without fear,moving all through the way,
never did they surrendered,never did they fell,
they were armies of peace marching through the hell.

Hell wasn’t a ruled place neither it was purely free,
it was the world that opressed them,the world in which they coudn’t breathe.
they had no choice whatsoever than to fight for peace,
with weapons of destruction they move away,they were the the armies of peace.

Angels descended to see the sight,to cry for the valiant dead,
Valkyries¹ flew the burning place,to see the brightest red.
Songs would be sung now,odes will be written for them,
they are immortal now for the peace they stemmed.

Armies like these rise sometimes,armies like these breathe,
for a better change for the world,for wrong things to cease,
Wars are not only for greed or power nor only to conquer the land,
peace is sometimes the only reason for these armies to stand.


¹ According to Norse Mythology Valkyries were the creatures that selected the righteous dead,they believed the only way to get to heaven is to die in violence.Brightest red refers to the most violently died being in the war.


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